Get to know Magi Camaj..

Margaritë Camaj, also known as Magi, is an Albanian Attorney, living in New York. Magi loves expressing her thoughts through writing and has published 7 works of Literature; He Will Exist, Souls Up, Words Can’t Explain,  Only You Know​, FEEL, Where is Love? and Open Your Mind. It is true that anyone can see the reflection of her beautiful mind and soul, […]

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Many people don’t know what a mental disorder is or if they do know, they don’t pay much attention to it. This blog post aims to educate about how important is to acknowledge the fact that being mentally ill is markedness and needs to be treated. What is Mental Illness?  A Mental Illness or Mental […]



Have you been feeling unmotivated lately? Not having the will to accomplish great things? Don’t know what to do about it? Wanna feel inspired and motivated? Here are some tips . . . . 1. Plan your dreams. Yes, your dreams. Whatever your dream is, big or small, possible or unrealistic, plan it.Start visualizing your goals […]

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